BAR Plus USB 3.1 Flash Drive : Capacity-Variable


1,199 Tk5,799 Tk


  • Design : BAR Plus
  • Interface : USB 3.1
  • Transfer speeds up to 200 MB/s (32/ 64 GB Models)
  • Transfer speeds up to 300 MB/s (128/ 256 GB Models)
  • Waterproof, Shock-proof, Temperature-proof, Magnet-proof & X-Ray-proof
  • Backwards Compatibility (USB 3.0, USB 2.0)
  • Backed by a 5-year limited warranty



Speed In Style

A modern take on a classic. The next generation Bar Plus elevates the flash drive to an everyday essential, offering impressive speeds in a striking design. Fits in your hand, a pure minimalism that cleverly blends style, speed, and reliability.

Move Files In A Flash

Get your time back. Fast and convenient read speeds up to 300 MB/s1 with the latest USB 3.1 standard gives you more time to work, play, watch, and create. Send a 3GB 4K UHD video file from your Bar Plus to your PC in just 10 seconds2 .

1 Up to 300 MB/s for 256/128GB models; Up to 200 MB/s for 64/32GB models.
2 Minimum of 10 secs for 256/128GB models; Minimum of 14 secs for 64/32GB models (tested with combination of Asus Z370-G, Intel i7-8700K@3.70GHz, 8GB DDR4 and Windows 10 Enterprise 64bit).

Rugged Refinement

As rugged as it is stylish. The sturdy metal body keeps your data safe and intact, and the integrated key ring prevents accidental misplacement or loss. The Bar Plus is the ideal combination of stunning design and worry-free durability.

Tough & Trusted

Files stay secure, anywhere you go. Samsung’s leadership in flash memory makes the Bar Plus a trustworthy drive to store your valuable data. It works through it all with a waterproof1 , shock-proof2 , temperature-proof3 , magnet-proof4 , and X-ray-proof5 body, all backed by a 5-year limited warranty6 .

1 Up to 72 hrs in seawater.
2 Up to 1,500 gravitational acceleration.
3 Withstands -25°C to 85°C operating, -40°C to 85°C non-operating
4 Up to 15,000 gauss (equal to MRI).
5 Up to 50 Roentgen (equal to airport X-ray machines).
6 Samsung is not liable for any damages and/or loss of data or expenses incurred due to UFD data recovery.

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  • SAMSUNG is a trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Additional information

Weight 1.2 g
Dimensions 1.6 × 0.6 × 0.5 in
Tek Specs

Type :
Product Type :
USB 3.1 Flash Drive

Design :
BAR Plus

Series :
BAR Plus

Usage Application :
PC, Notebook

Interface :
USB 3.1

Color :
Champagne Silver, Titan Grey

Storage :
Capacity :
32/ 64/ 128/ 256 GB (1 GB=1,000,000,000 bytes)

* Actual usable capacity may be less (due to formatting, operating system, applications or otherwise)

Key Features :
Data Transfer Speed :
Up to 200MB/s read speed for USB 3.1, write speed is lower than read speed (32/ 64 GB Models).
Up to 300MB/s read speed for USB 3.1, write speed is lower than read speed (128/ 256 GB Models).

*Actual speed may vary by the host device and actual usage conditions.

MicroSD :

Water-resistant :

Temperature proof :

USB 3.1 :

Environmental Specs :
Operating Temperature :

Non-operating Temperature :

Shock :
Acceleration : 1,500 g (gravity), Duration time: 0.5 ms, Direction: x,y,z 3 times

Dimensions (W x H x D) :
Product :
1.6” x 0.6” x 0.5”

Weight :
Product :
Approx. 1.2 g

Warranty :
Product :
5 years limited


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