X3 : USB 3.0 Flash Drive for Windows®, Mac & Linux


600 Tk1,900 Tk


  • Equipped with the new generation USB 3.0 transfer interface
  • Supports hot swapping and plug & play
  • Downward compatible with USB 2.0/USB 1.1 transfer interfaces
  • Does not require an external power source
  • Supports power saving mode
  • Rotational cap design



As the digital life era arrives, more and more consumer demand for high-resolution multimedia. Limited by the transfer rate specifications, USB2.0 no longer can handle HD media processing. With this year’s kick off of USB3.0, TwinMOS released two mainstream energy-saving USB3.0 flash drives with ultra transfer speed to satisfy the consumer’s need for HD media files process.

X3: Color rotation, fun and fashionable

The traditional design color rotation drive’s surface has a silver satin finish to avoid fingerprints; the ergonomic rotation mechanism makes it easy to store. It is a favorite among students.

Compared to USB2.0’s 480Mbps transfer rate, USB3.0’s bandwidth reaches as high as 5Gbps, which is ten times more than USB2.0. Transferring a 20GB high-resolution video will only take less than 7 minutes, creating convenience for the user to carry and share HD videos. TwinMOS tailor two practical and beautiful USB3.0 flash drives to variety of users. Provide capacity choices from 8GB to 32GB, and added green energy-saving modes. With leading the industry lightest design, TwinMOS’s USB 3.0’s ultra speed performance and consumer-friendly price can let consumer smoothly enjoy their HD media experience.

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Additional information

Weight 11 g
Dimensions 2.17 × 0.67 × 0.36 in
Tek Specs

Model : X3

Capacity : 8/16/32/64 GB

Interface : USB 3.0

Reading / Writing :
8GB : Read Up to 54MB/Sec ; Write Up to 30MB/Sec
16GB-32GB : Read Up to 54MB/Sec ; Write Up to 40MB/Sec

*Note: Speed may vary due to host hardware, software and usage

Dimensions : 55mm * 17mm * 9.1mm

Weight : 11gm

Storage time : >10 Years

Warranty : Product Lifetime

Requirements: Desktop computers or notebook computers equipped with USB ports that support the following operating systems:
– Windows® 2000, XP, Vista, 7
– Mac™ OS 10.4 or later
– Linux™ Kernel 2.4 or later


With the motto, “Innovation, Perfection and Quality”, TwinMOS is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributor of upgrade Memory Modules, high-end Digital Media, Solid State Device, Tablets, All In One PC and Computer Accessories. TwinMOS Technologies Middle East was founded on 21st September 2001 and has been successfully operating its business in MEA, MENA, CIS with the aim in covering the whole world memory market. It has been successfully running its business with dedicated customer service, quality products and support for almost 14 years now. With a goal to achieve maximum market share in its target market TwinMOS has developed a deep understanding of the market that company operates in through its professionalism and innovative resolution. It raised its competitiveness and creates win-win situations for both customers and TwinMOS.

TwinMOS product line is developed and designed to fulfill the demand of the users following the market trend. By extensive research of the R&D department, market and competitor’s analysis had achieved the competitive advantage of TwinMOS products.

Strategic management policy & leadership, outstanding customer service, quality products, well-built brand image, up to date with market situation and products availability are the prime factors in establishing TwinMOS as a front liner IT company in the Middle East, CIS and African region with respective market share.

TwinMOS distributes its products either by its own brand name (TwinMOS/M.tec) or through Original Design Manufacturing/Original Equipment Manufacturing (ODM/OEM) agreement. With concrete Research & Development team and outstanding manufacturing capabilities, it provides guarantee for high customer’s need and satisfaction.


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